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About Me

Hello there! I’m an electrical engineering grad student.
I am a music enthusiast and pursue a number of personal electronics projects. When I finish one I’ll post about it on my blog.

I also have a very dry sense of humor.

I am currently employed by Neurosky, a startup in California trying to establish the first consumer market for brain computer interfaces (bci). I write Machine Learning Algorithms which take sensor data from a single electrode placed on the forehead and observe patterns in the user’s brain activity.
My Research Interests

I have taken a couple of independent studies focusing on neuroengineering and its implementation/applications to both the research and consumer markets.

My senior design project ’CEEGALS’ was a wireless eeg headset that transmits up to 15 channels of wireless EEG data from electrodes on the headset. It currently plots these waveforms on a GLCD (also on the headset). The wireless data is received by a small USB module housed in an altoids tin.

My study interests currently lie in Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition.





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