CNEL Alumnus: Michael Stiber

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About Me

I was a Visiting Associate Professor during the 2004-05 academic year from the University of Washington, Bothell.
My Research Interests

My long-term research goal is to understand the computational principles underlying biological nervous system function for application to machine intelligence. Involved in this investigation include issues of computational neuroscience, artificial intelligence, neural networks, bioinformatics, nonlinear dynamics, robotics, scientific computing, scientific visualization, and collaborative computing. In the nearer term, I wish to determine how neuron structural and behavioral complexity (small-scale dynamics) contributes to nervous system operation (large-scale behavior), such as in learning and sensorimotor systems. I have been investigating information transfer across the synapses that connect nerve cells. This synaptic coding process is the functional unit of nervous systems, and as such the computational unit of neural networks.

My most recent work has focused on the interaction between stochastic events (”errors”, e.g., synaptic transmission failure) and neuron dynamics and the implications of this for synaptic coding.





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