CNEL Alumnus: Subit Chakrabarti

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About Me

I am a fourth year Ph.D. student working jointly at CNEL and The Centre for Remote Sensing in the Agricultural and Biological Engineering Department. I have a B.Tech. degree in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from Haldia Institute of Technology in West Bengal, India.
My Research Interests

I work on applying the Principle of Relevant Information and Kernel Based Methods to drought forecasting models to be used in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. It involves integration of data with low cross-correntropy but essentially representing the same information. Data from the European Space Agency’s SMOS and NASA’s SMAP (to be launched in 2014) satellites is used (Low-resolution, large-scale) and ground based in-situ sensors (high-resolution, small-scale). Traditional methods, using 2nd order statistics, implicitly assume Linearity and Gaussianity and cannot maintain the topology of the data space (while preserving local geometry).

I am also interested in modelling the human response to music in signal processing terms and answering the age old question - ”Why do I like that piece of music so much ?” - in mathematical terms.

In my free time, I work on small satellite design. I am a part of UF’s university nanosatellite team. We are working on precision ground-to-space time transfer using laser communication.





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